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Hello. Thanks for joining me.

Elle Brooker, self portrait in high neck Victorian black, sheer blouse and red tulle curtain with portrait of Elle Brooker in mirror sunglasses at night drawn in pastel on the wall in the background circa 2002 by artist T. Donald

My name’s Elle Brooker.

I’m the Founder, Principal & Project Lead of Artistic Licence Innovation.

I’m a fellow of the Institute of Governance; a veteran community director and association governance lead; a policy geek and AAA systems audit pioneer; an expert in digital law and policy in Australasia and a specialist in the , human-side of tech and data driven change and how to engineer human-centred services in complex environments.

Contact: Elle @ Artistic Licence Innovation

About Elle

I quit my law degree in the early 2000s to take up policy and shape the way Australians and New Zealanders, their public services and governments, can benefit from new capabilities enabled by data, technology and connectivity.

I oversaw the introduction of the Privacy Act, Health Records Act and the Electronic Transactions Act into law in Victoria as an advisor to a Shadow Minister and led a project repealing 36 impediments to eHealth in New Zealand.

I’m interested in policy, practice, and what these new tools mechanically do and how they work, to know what harms might come from turning them loose on the population.

My firm specialises in the unusual, the uncommon and the unprecedented – new business, new practice, new law, new ways for working, in particular: the social license, eHealth, citizen-centred services, non-financial risk, value for money, digital skills for boards and executives, how to add value and minimise the risk and threat posed by using AI, algorithmic and autonomous systems and switch modes away from ‘what my job description says I do’ to ‘what citizens need, want and expect from trusted authorities’.

We lead, scope and deliver outcomes in complex environments: eHealth, privacy, self-governance, public policy, corporate services, central government, digital law, higher education, health networks, not for profits, associations and the arts.

If you’re after help with:

  • governance, key performance indicators, digital skills and self-regulation for boards and executives
  • embedding compliance into ‘how we do things’
  • capturing knowledge that adds value, prevents harm, improves experience and documents the human-side workarounds, checks and balances that promote high performing information systems-driven change that is positive and inclusive.
  • data driven revenue
  • getting the best out of existing cloud, digital and data within the current footprint
  • CX, UX, web, process and journey mapping, service wireframes that eliminate pain points and put citizens at the centre
  • non-financial risk, enterprise risk reporting and profile-making for boards
  • policy and procedure writing, governance instruments and custom training courses in governance and policy for organisations
  • internal policy reviews and evaluations and rewrites
  • pre and post-audit and accreditation actions, plans and service changes
  • eGovernment, privacy, eHealth, social license, risk and preventing harm caused by AAA systems, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for joining me here.


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ALI was founded in 2011 during the Global Financial Crisis, at a point in time when Elle was injured, made redundant and no longer able to move to the UK to live and work as she had planned to do for over a decade. Disruption is something Elle knows a thing or two about.